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Our story

“What does Encovate mean?” We are often asked this question and we love to explain. The backstory of our name is the very essence of who we are.

Encovate is a mashup of two words: Encore and Cultivate

Encore means “repeated rendition” and cultivate means “to grow”. We believe that through repeated and continued learning, we tend to cultivate habits that make us better individuals and professionals. In a similar way, through repeated and continued efforts, organizations adopt and cultivate a culture that sets them apart and puts them ahead of the rest.

Taking cognizance of the  industry challenges from a “people” perspective, Encovate was formed in 2016, with a commitment to hone the skills of individuals and teams. And in the process empower organizations with quality talent to achieve its business objectives.

We have introduced a blended learning approach to hospitality industry which brings bite-size learning available on mobile app, offering fun, interactive, repeatable and on-the-go learning. Our online learning is augmented with physical contact sessions which focuses on experiential learning and on the job learning.

Our solutions have helped organizations deliver best in class service and improve on productivity.

Our sole mission is to upskill & enable hospitality professionals to deliver higher growth for organizations.


Subhra Banerjee

Subhra Banerjee

Founder Encovate

Encovate was founded by Subhra Banerjee. Subhra is an alumnus of Institute of Hotel Management, Kolkata. A growth oriented professional, Subhra brings over 15 years of rich experience in hotel, airlines and travel trade across customer service, operations and sales leadership roles. Her passion for people development and interest for the industry led her to create, Encovate. Today, Encovate is supported by  a bunch of learning specialists and passionate hospitality professionals who are committed to bring in positive changes in people and the industry.

Encovate was also selected as the Top 100 ideas- 2018 across India in the Women Startup program run by NSRCEL, Indian Institute of Bangalore.


Encovate is a people & performance development company for the hospitality industry.

Encovate is incubated at NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore, supported by Goldman Sachs and Department of Science & Technology, Govt of India.

Registered  Office: Suite# 372, 677, 1st Floor, 13th Cross Road, 27th Main Rd, 1st Sector, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102