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Encovate is India’s first blended & outcome-based learning platform for hospitality organizations and professionals.


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Blended learning is a combination of offline (in-person contact sessions) and online (visual based mobile app) learning in a way that one compliments the other.



Provides flexbility in consuming content, with complex topics presented in classroom and subject matter content through online intervention. 

Helps learners to learn on the go and control their learning pace.


Engaging content

Provides new age learning technology and delivery methodology increasing the ease to comprehend knowledge as compared to classroom learning.

Engages learner to grasp the learning faster and to bring quicker implementation.

Retention of knowledge

Like there is a “learning curve” there is also a “forgetting curve”  that signifies knowledge is lost over time without required support and practice. 

Offers to revisit and refresh learning in real time, helping to retain knowledge better.


Provides a continued journey that consists of formal and informal learning components which are closely aligned with challenges faced by an organization.

 Makes learning more realistic, relatable and thus impactful.


Encovate blended learning incorporates a visual and experiential based approach, creating meaningful learning experiences and driving positive outcomes. 

Helps learners to quickly get up to speed with new processes and contribute.



 Blended learning saves on costs such as lost productivity time, training costs normally associated with offline training, safety, wastage and pilferage costs etc.

 Helps to add incremental revenue through improvements in process & productivity.



Encovate has created positive impact in a wide range of hospitality organizations across India

Curated programs


Learning modules

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New Age Learning

Our blended learning approach encompasses building fun, interactive and engaging content in snackable visual formats, preferred by new age learners. We believe in a learn by doing methodology.

Impactful content

New age learners consume a lot of visual content. Studies show visuals increase rentention by 42%. Taking cue, we created dynamic content bringing real life scenarios at work, making learning impactful.

Industry expertise

Encovate team has combined strength of 40+ years in the hospitality industry with a deep understanding of sales, operations, customer success, learning and development functions.

Results Driven

Learning without measuring the impact or outcome is nothing more than a pep-up session. Encovate uses metrics & methodologies to measure the learning impact on business performance and productivity.


Encovate offers People & Performance Development programs customized to the needs of the organizations. We focus on Restaurants, Hotels, Travel trade & customer service centric organizations.


Milestone based Immersive Journey

Our continued learning engagement with the organization spanning 6-12 months covering blended learning, employee engagement & process improvements yields measurable results & creates self-driven teams.

Short burst workshops

As the name suggests, these are brief learning experiences delivered in instructor-led sessions lasting from 2-4 hours based upon the identified needs of the organization. We also offer curated programs for individuals.

From Our Clients

“They are very methodical in their approach towards learning and measuring the outcome. We really liked the real world learning they brought in their delivery. High on adrenaline and involvement, they added a personal touch to the program.”

Shankar Rao

General Manager, Windflower Prakruthi

“I have found Subhra to be an extraordinary trainer with indepth understanding of processes and its implementation. Her attitude is inspiring and her knowledge is exceptional.”

Amar Bharti

Founder , One clikk




Encovate is a people & performance development company for the hospitality industry.

Encovate is incubated at NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore, supported by Goldman Sachs and Department of Science & Technology, Govt of India.

Registered  Office: Suite# 372, 677, 1st Floor, 13th Cross Road, 27th Main Rd, 1st Sector, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102